Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is easy! Give our New Patient Scheduler a call at 949-600-5437. Refer to our Evaluations page for more information about this process.

Depending on what your child needs to be seen for, there could be a short wait to come in for your initial evaluation. However, we are constantly moving evaluations up, so one might become available sooner for you, if you are scheduled more than a few weeks out.

Our goal is to have patients scheduled within three weeks of receiving a referral!

We are open 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We accept the following insurances:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO
  • Blue Shield of California PPO
  • United Healthcare PPO
  • Monarch Commercial
  • Monarch Caloptima
  • Tricare

This will be determined by your child’s evaluation. We make this easy by scheduling appointments for the same time and day weekly. Make sure to talk to the scheduling team about your scheduling needs!

We offer a flexible schedule for families that would benefit from a more fluid schedule. When you are added to this schedule, someone from our scheduling team will call you weekly to offer you available appointment spots.

Yes! One of our core values is teamwork, which involves the family! aMAYZing Kids strongly believes in parent/family involvement to help your child succeed. Therapists will keep parents informed about progress, as well as provide ways you can help your child at home and in the community.

Typically, speech therapy sessions are 30 minutes each. Occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes each.

The last 5 minutes of each session is dedicated to parent education.

Deductible: a specified amount of money that the family must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim.

Copay: a set amount to be paid by the family per date of service regardless of the deductible amount or if the deductible is met.

Coinsurance: a percentage to be paid by the family per date of service once the deductible amount is satisfied.

This will depend on your insurance coverage. We strongly suggest that you reach out to your insurance company to understand your benefits.

During the intake process, we will discuss benefits and estimate the cost for therapy. We have private pay options available as well as alternative funding sources.

We encourage you to contact your provider for your plan details. We have private pay options and alternative funding sources available to our families as well.