7 Ways My Kids Remind Me to Live More Fully


7 Ways My Kids Remind Me to Live More Fully

by Andi SaitowitzJune 22, 2012 5:00 PM

Sometimes our children can be our greatest teachers. Here are seven ways my kids remind me to live more fully:

  1. To run around barefoot – because that’s simply how it is.

I love how the second they walk through the door, their shoes are flung off their little feet. They are carefree, they feel, their senses are acute and accurate. They love freedom, and the thought of being confined by something is unthinkable. Yes – off come the shoes! And their spirits are wild. My kids teach me to wake up, be free and let loose.

  1. To see wonders in the tiniest things – because they are just that full of wonder.

I love how the awe and amazement of watching an army of ants march across the garden wall from one end of the sand to the fruit tree is a highlight. The attraction to miracles in animals, nature, even little bugs and insects that do not seem appealing in anyway, they find beyond fascinating and a super thrill to show-off to their friends and each other. My kids teach me to appreciate the flowers, the raindrops, the wind, things that we can so easily take for granted.

  1. To say it as it is – because that is what they see, and honesty is their world.

I love how my kids speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If they are angry, they let me know. If they are happy, they show it. If they are excited, we all feel it. If they are scared, they share their fear. They get straight to the point and somehow manage to change every complaint into a request because all they know is what they want. They know what works for them and what makes them feel good. They know what they enjoy, who they love to play with and what they won’t tolerate. Their boundaries are so clear. My kids teach me to live my truth. My kids teach me to keep it real.

  1. To try, and try again – because they really want something so badly, they are willing to persevere.

I love how they are not intimidated by something strange, curious and challenging. They will invest so much time and energy trying to climb a difficult tree, open a locked box and work out how to manipulate, discover and reveal something hidden. Children have mastered certain elements of persistence and determination; its remarkable to conceive how such little beings can be so big in their ideas. My kids teach me that anything is possible. My kids teach me to never give up.

  1. To be on the move – because why go through life in slow motion when you can bounce?

I love how my kids don’t just walk. Or stay put where they are. They run, cartwheel, skip and dance wherever they go. Even climbing into bed at night would seem like a circus act of dexterity and advanced acrobatics to many traditional adults. Because they have energy – endless energy. My kids teach me to love my body, to move and to do everything with passion and zest.

  1. To have fun – because worrying about something that hasn’t yet happened makes no sense to them, their time concept is here and now.

I love how they live so entirely in the moment. Nothing is 50 percent. If they are painting, they are painting with every part of their little bodies. If they are performing, they are singing from the depths of their hearts and souls. If they are splashing in the water, they are splashing even with their eyes. They function at 100 percent fun. Right here, right now. My kids teach me to be present. What was, was, and what will be, has not yet happened. So all we have is now.

  1. To love – because that’s what we do, and that’s what we are.

I love waking up to the biggest and most beautiful hugs and kisses from my children, and the best part of my day is tucking them in at night. Their hugs speak what their little hearts and minds don’t yet know how to communicate, and their unconditional affection is the strongest bond I have ever experienced. It is unbreakable. My kids teach me what truly matters at the start and end of every day. They teach me priority, values and purpose.

As parents we are blessed to learn from the smartest teachers. Thank you my precious children for reminding me.

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